SMS keeps on delivering… FACT!

Let’s look at the facts:

FACT – Dynmark customers have increased their use of SMS by 60% in 2016 with operational alerts and reminders overtaking marketing content for the first time.

  • Fewer missed appointments
  • Greater loyalty and customer retention

FACT – We have seen a 200% increase in customers using SMS for customer services, and assisted sales in 2016.

  • Happier customers
  • Increased sales

FACT – In 2016 the banking and finance industry have invested more money into SMS than any other year with debt recovery, password recovery and one-time-passcodes all seeing growth.

  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased revenues through debt recovery

FACT – This year Dynmark saw a 35% increase in SMS usage for Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing messages compared to 2015

  • Increased sales and drive to mobile website with URLs
  • Cut through the clutter as direct to phone rather than email inbox

FACT – Dynmark’s customers have increased their Click & Collect messages by 12% in 2016

  • Helping to join up their online / in-store proposition
  • Drives store footfall which increase additional purchases