Completed – Planned retirement of support for unencrypted FTP – Monday 14th May 2018

Unencrypted FTP access was disabled today at 14:45. Please ensure you amend your connection type if you have not already done so.

On the 14th May 2018 we plan to remove support for FTP without encryption.

For many years we have encouraged our customers who need to transfer files to us via FTP to use encrypted versions such as FTPS (FTP with TLS encryption) or SFTP (File transfer over SSH).   However some customers have not been able to use these encrypted options and so we have retained support for unencrypted FTP.

To ensure the continued security of all of our customers’ data and to satisfy requirements in GDPR legislation we will remove support for unencrypted FTP completely.  Those people still using unencrypted FTP will receive a communication advising them of how they need to connect in future.

This change does also affect some customers using TLS. There are two options when connecting with TLS, to use Explicit or Implicit TLS.  When you use Explicit TLS your system will first connect on the same port as unencrypted FTP and then issue a command to switch to use TLS.  When we switch off support of unencrypted FTP we effectively also switch off support for Explicit TLS.  Therefore anyone using this option needs to switch to Implicit TLS or even SFTP (File transfer over SSH).

Instructions for doing so can be found in this article.

This work is scheduled to be completed on 14th May 2018 at 09:00 (UTC+1)

If you have any questions please speak to your Client Engagement representative or contact support .